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IPC Section: Bharya Bandhu (2019)

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A lawyer decides to fight for the cause of men who suffer domestic abuse in the hands of their wives. But the scenario changes when he falls in love, gets married and suffers a similar abuse.

Kanne Kalaimaane (2019)

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Romance blooms between a farmer and the manager of a cooperative bank. What happens next?

Silly Fellows (2018)

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An influential politician on his deathbed reveals the whereabouts of an illegal money stash to his trusted aide, a local MLA who becomes amnesiac after meeting with an accident.

Kesari (2019)

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The story of a Sikh warrior who participates in the Battle of Saragarhi while yearning for the respect of his estranged daughter.

Captain Marvel (2019)

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

The Final Wish (2019)

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After the death of his father, Aaron returns home to help his grief-stricken mother and to confront his past. Going through his dad's belongings, he comes across a mysterious item that is more than it seems.

A Dog's Way Home (2019)

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A dog travels 400 miles in search of her owner.

The Belly of the Whale (2018)

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Two down-and-outs bonded together in misfortune devise a plan to rob a small town amusement arcade.

Sand Serpents (2009)

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A small group of US Army Soldiers are stranded in the remote Afghan desert. But it ain't the Taliban that's worrying them, it's these giant refugees from Tremors. In fact the big worms ...

Killing for the Prosecution (2018)

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Mogami Takeshi works at the Tokyo prosecutor's office focusing on violent criminal cases. Okino Keiichiro admires him and is happy to be assigned to work with Mogami. When a money lender is...

Miss Baek (2018)

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A woman's past as a convict follows her everywhere and because of this she doesn't open up to others. But then she strikes up a friendship with a broken child who has suffered from domestic...

Feeding Time (2016)

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When a young woman fills in for her friend on a babysitting job, she begins to suspect things are not as they seem. She's right.

People's Republic of Desire (2018)

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As an entire generation has come of age on social media, virtual relationships are slowly replacing real-life human connections. And China has taken it to an extreme. Here, live streaming ...

A Daughter's Deception (2019)

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Watch A Daughter's Deception full movie online free and also download A Daughter's Deception free full movie.

Bailiwick (2017)

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BAILIWICK is the story of John, a lonely, quiet man who is given a magical gift that changes his life. Do you like magic? Bailiwick is not officially rated but the director suggests a PG-13 rating for language and violence.

Dolphin Kick (2019)

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On a tropical island vacation, a young boy's friendship with a playful and friendly dolphin helps him find the courage to get back in the water after the sudden loss of his mother.

Prey (2016)

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A zoo veterinarian gets caught up in a grisly adventure as she finds herself leading the city-wide hunt for a monstrous lion terrorizing the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Nothing Really Happens (2018)

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A mattress store owner experiences increasingly surreal anomalies in his life that put strain on his relationships with friends, family, and his own humanity.

The Devil's Restaurant (2019)

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Andy made a deal with a demon. He manages a small but ambitious Italian eatery called Scoppa. The demon's black magic lures patrons to the restaurant; in return, Andy feeds guests to the ...

The Far Green Country (2018)

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A young family, struggling to stay afloat amidst disappointment and heartache, set out on the road in search of the hope of healing as a couple, connecting with their son and pursuing a ...

Tides (2018)

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A devastating loss finds four friends navigating love, life and the canals of southern England.

Love to the Rescue (2019)

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Two single parents come head to head when their kids want to adopt the same dog. Agreeing to co-foster, free-spirited Kate and type-A Eric must work together to find the dog's forever home.

Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes (2018)

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A documentary that explores the rise and fall of the late Roger Ailes, from his early media influence on the Nixon presidency to his controversial leadership at Fox News.

ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre (2019)

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In 1974, while on the way home from a gig, the apolitical rock group, The Miami Showband, fell into the crosshairs of a Protestant unionist paramilitary group that planted explosives on their bus when it was stopped at a fake checkpoint.